Why choose Design 21 LED Lighting Systems?

Over 27 years Experience in Lighting
Since 1989, Design 21 has been providing lighting solutions in Edmonton to the residential, hospitality, and commercial sector. In 1998 our company's focus has completely to “LED lighting systems and luminaries”.
Our work has led us to receive the 1992 I.E.S. Award for Lighting Design.

We have 19 years of experience in LED alone.

Our abilities to find lighting solutions stem from our extensive history working with:
Dental Clinics
Medical Clinics
Eye Clinics
Public Schools
Beauty Salons
Self-Storage Centers
Cabinet Makers
Green Globe

Ask for an Energy Audit

Design21 can provide significant savings to your energy bill.
We use only high-quality and high efficiency LEDs to ensure maximum savings against the ever escalating kwhr.

We have solutions for ceiling lights, office lighting, parking lot & yard lighting and many more.
We specialize in retrofiting existing fixtures or can give you recommendations on new fixtures.

Ask how you can benefit from the Energy Efficiency Alberta rebate program in your home and business.

Our Sphere of Influence

Vancouver, Toronto, Las Vegas, Louisiana, Caribbean, Ecuador, California to New York.
We invite you to the world of LED Lighting ...Victor Keith, President